46 Days

So today marks 46 days until Halloween (45 until Festival 8 kicks off) and I’d like to assume 46 days until our next Harpua.  Yeah, they could play it on the first night and tease us about the album on Halloween, but I think Harpua is coming out the first set of the show on the 31st.  Along with wondering what the musical costume will be, I have to wonder what story will be told.  Something about the desert?  a fake reference to what they’ll play (like 10.31.95)?  The wondering is part of the fun…


I know I am due for some “reviews” of old Harpuas – and they are coming soon – so keep checking back.  We’ll start this thing from the back and then mix it up as we spin around.

~ by TIIIJPD on September 15, 2009.

One Response to “46 Days”

  1. Holding out hope for ZEPPELIN!!! Wouldn’t hate a Soft Parade cover either 🙂

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