we’re comin’ to your town

Probably the best place to start is to see when and where Phish has broken out Harpua.  Relying on our trusty internet resources, we learned that there have been at least 55 separate shows in which the song has appeared.  The “phishtistics” for this song tally 70 occurrences, but that includes all of the times where there is a segue into something else and then a return to Harpua proper (such as the last time 8-16-9 at SPAC…but that’s getting ahead of ourselves).  One other note:  there are several shows in the late 1980’s which have no known setlist information.  For the sake of ease, unless these setlists and the recordings surface, we’ll assume we have a complete list of Harpua performances…

So here is the list, starting with the accepted debut show of 8-9-87 at Nectar’s in Burlington, VT.  The next step is deciding whether to tackle these chronologically, by request, last-to-first, or some other way.  If you have preference feel free to let me know in the comments.

DATE            VENUE                               CITY, ST         
8/9/87          Nectar’s                        Burlington, VT         
8/21/7          Ian McLean’s Farm                Hebron, NY
8/29/87          The Ranch                       South Burlington, VT          
3/11/88          Baso Lounge (Johnson State College)        Johnson, VT
4/22/88          UVM                             Burlington, VT         
5/15/88          Beecher Hill Farm                Hinesburg, VT          
5/25/88          Nectar’s                        Burlington, VT
6/21/88          Nectar’s                        Burlington, VT
7/25/88          Nectar’s                        Burlington, VT
7/30/88          The Roma                        Telluride, CO
11/3/88          Molly’s Café                        Boston, MA
3/14/89          Nectar’s                        Burlington, VT         
4/20/89          The Zoo (Amherst College)            Amherst, MA
5/9/89           The Front                       Burlington, VT
10/14/89         Hobart College                      Geneva, NY                
10/20/89         The Front                       Burlington, VT
10/28/89         The Chance                      Poughkeepsie, NY       
11/10/89         Sigma Phi (Hamilton College)            Clinton, NY    
1/29/90          The Haunt                       Ithaca, NY
3/11/90          The Front                       Burlington, VT
4/7/90           The El Dorado Cafe                Crested Butte, CO     
6/9/90           Wetlands Preserve                    New York, NY
4/11/91          The Cave (Carlton College)            Northfield, MN         
4/18/91          Oberlin College                     Oberlin, OH                
4/26/91          Plymouth State                      Plymouth, NH           
5/3/91           Somerville Theater             Somerville, MA            
10/28/91         Elk Ballroom                        Telluride, CO          
12/7/91          Portsmouth Music Hall                Portsmouth, NH 
3/26/92          Ziggy’s                             Winston Salem, NC
4/4/92           The Fieldhouse (Univ. of Colorado)        Boulder, CO
4/22/92          Hilton Ballroom                     Eugene, OR
5/9/92           Syracuse Armory                     Syracuse, NY
11/28/92         Capitol Theater                     Port Chester, NY
12/31/92         Matthews Arena (Northeastern U.)        Boston, MA     
2/12/93          Mid Hudson Civic Center          Poughkeepsie, NY               
3/31/93          Roseland Theater                    Portland, OR           
4/14/93          American Theater                    St. Louis, MO
5/7/93           Bangor Auditorium                  Bangor, ME
7/25/93          Waterloo Village Music Center                Stanhope, NJ
8/20/93          Red Rocks Amphitheater                    Morrison, CO   
5/3/94           Starwood Amphitheater                    Antioch, TN
6/17/94          Eagles Auditorium                  Milwaukee, WI          
6/30/94          Classic Amphitheater                    Richmond, VA           
7/16/94          Summer Stage at Sugarbush North        Fayston, VT    
10/16/94         Chattanooga Memorial Auditorium        Chattanooga, TN        
10/31/94         Glens Falls Civic Center                Glens Falls, NY        
11/25/94         UIC Pavilion                        Chicago, IL
6/23/95          Waterloo Village Music Center                Stanhope, NJ           
10/31/95         Rosemont Horizon                    Rosemont, IL           
8/17/96          The Clifford Ball                Plattsburgh, NY                         
12/6/96          The Aladdin Theater             Las Vegas, NV
12/29/96         The Spectrum                        Philadelphia, PA           
8/16/97          The Great Went                      Limestone, ME          
12/30/97         Madison Square Garden              New York, NY           
11/2/98          The E Centre                        Salt Lake City, UT                       
7/29/03          Star Lake Amphitheater                    Burgettstown, PA
8/16/09          Saratoga Performing Arts Center        Saratoga Springs, NY

If you are observant, you’ll notice that there are more than 55 shows listed here.  A few are ones that show up in the Helping Phriendly Book but not the old Mockingbird Foundation setlist file (or vice versa) and there is one show where it was soundchecked but not played during the show (4-11-91).  We’ll work out the details as we get there.

So what’s next?  Any of these ring any bells or bring back memories?  From my own show history I’m itching to review 10-31-95, 12-29-96, and 12-30-97.  As the boys say, “let’s get this show on the road!”

~ by TIIIJPD on August 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “we’re comin’ to your town”

  1. I think you should start with your favorites, then expand from there. That should get your creative juices flowing and will help you define how the rest of the versions are reviewed.

    Indio or bust brah 🙂

  2. I have only seen Harpua once in 122 shows. It was at my second show – 6/17/94. It was a great version, Jimmy listened to Jimi and Trey played licks from Voodoo Chile. Outstanding. I was about 6 or 8 ‘rows’ back from the stage, and 16 years of age. My dad took me to the show and hung out in the 21+ balcony all night, leaving me free to puff to my adolescent heart’s content.

    One of my most distinct memories from that night is of turning to the guy next to me, who I only knew from sharing a pipe that night, and saying along with the band “we’re coming to your town”, to which her replied simply “we’ll help you party down.”

    Thanks for this site! An excellent endeavor. I will scour my archives tonight and see if I have the 8/9/87 harpua for ya.

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