Starting Point

This here is the beginning of what I hope will be a useful endeavor.  For me, it will be somewhat cathartic.  For you, let’s hope it stays interesting. 

So what’s the goal? 

Throughout the history of Phish there have been 55 concerts (as of the end of the Summer 2009 tours) in which the band has broken out Harpua, that ever-changing, hilarious, strange, engaging song about Jimmy, his cat, their suburban life, and a fat sweaty bulldog from Gamehendge.  Each of these versions is unique with the story covering a variety of themes and including numerous cultural, topical,and musical references.  My goal is to provide a summary of each version which still exists on a recorded medium (usually digitized audience recording) and to try to gain some understanding of what greater theme may be found in this Phishy creation.  I’ll try to summarize the story from that night, provide background on the elements of the story at hand, and look for common themes that pop up in the tale.  If all goes well, we’ll work our way through each occurrence and end up somewhere further down the line than we were before.  I’m not saying this will be enlightening to many people – in fact, I may be working through this alone.  But I’ll do my best to provide an objective assessment of the song and a subjective perception of it as well.

So read along if you like or leave me to my personal odyssey.  Follow me, if you will, as we start this journey to one of the many corners of Gamehendge…

~ by TIIIJPD on August 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Starting Point”

  1. Let me know if you need me to provide some insight on the Vegas ’96 version…it was special

  2. thanks… I’ll be using whatever resources I can. You fooled me a tad with the screen name!

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